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Living Room Decorating Ideas

There’s no doubting the living room’s main purpose in your home: to be a comfortable space where the household can relax.  Whether you’re looking for inspiration to completely redecorate or just want to give your space a quick refresh, these living room ideas will help you create your dream space however much you have to spend.

Choose Bright Colours

If you’ve got patterned upholstery, a colorful rug or large piece of artwork, pluck colors you like from the pattern. For a neutral wall paint color, look to the pattern’s whites and beiges. Specifically, the living room, dining room, and entryway. Choose a color scheme for those areas first, then pull one color from the scheme. Most people buy clothes in colors they like to wear and they look good in.

Similarly, you should dress your rooms in colors that flatter you. Gray’s chameleon-like quality allows the color to appear either warm or cool and pair beautifully with both pastels or kicky colors like hot pink, Kelly green or citrusy shades. If you have a small room in your house, don’t paint it white to make it seem bigger. Instead, give it more oomph with a look-at-me color choice. Let your big rooms expand with light, and your small rooms envelop you.

If you decorate honestly, other people will appreciate it because it’s you, even if they’d never decorate their own house in the same way. That means if you want to make every room in your house red, white and blue, go for it. You can make any color look good as long as it truly suits your personal style. Cheerful and vivacious colour will certainly lend an unusual warmth to your living space. So, you can go for lemon yellow or cheerful green instead of white or beige because it would be very difficult to surpass the glow of these shades.

One of the most popular small living room ideas is the use of neutral colors on walls, floor, ceiling and furniture upholstery. A palette of off-whites or beiges will expand the space by appearing to push back the walls. Soft hues also tend to illuminate a room by reflecting light. In addition to enlarging an area, a neutral palette imparts instant sophistication and creates a calming environment.

Decorate with Furniture

A room has a vertical dimension as well as a horizontal one. If your living room has a high ceiling, make the most of the extra space by decorating it in a manner that draws the eye upward. Floor-to-ceiling drapes are a stylish way to accomplish this goal.

Nowadays, the markets are crammed with many types of furniture which can perform many duties. There are certain decks which can act as dining tables or there are sofas which can be used as beds. So, try to purchase these kinds of furniture which you can use in many ways. These furnitures are ideal if you have small living area. Moreover, you can also save a lot of money with this stuff.

Another idea is to fill the vertical space with a menagerie of small to a midsize artwork. This technique will make the room feel larger than it actually is because it invites the eye to roam beyond the eye-level horizontal space that may feel confined.

When you shop for furniture, consider its visual weight. This concept refers to the perceived heaviness of an object based on size, color, and design. Pick out pieces that have a lightweight appearance, as heavier ones will seem to compress a space.

Opt for pale colors over darker ones, and select pieces that have legs while avoiding those that are boxy. Glass coffee or end tables will take up less visual space than wooden ones because you can see through them. Any furnishings that don’t obstruct views will make an area seem more open.

A furniture will certainly uplift the look and atmosphere of your living room. But buying furniture is an expensive endeavor. If you are looking for a budget-friendly idea, then don’t spend extravagantly on buying expensive furniture. Moreover, they will certainly make your guests comfortable and want to inspire them to spend some time in your living room.

Proper Lighting

A mix of different types of lighting, placed at different points in the room, is essential for creating a proper living room lighting scheme. While the first thing you tend to see in this room in London’s Cheyenne Terrace is the central statement fixture, there are also three table lamps, one-floor lamp, five pot lights, and an accent light in the ceiling on the window side of the room. They all combine to create a layered and robust lighting scheme, free of shadows.

When it comes to overhead (ambient) lighting, it’s always a great idea to use two different kinds. In a large room, a single overhead fixture may not be enough. In most cases, pot lights are a good solution, but if recessed lighting isn’t for you there is another solution. Consider hanging multiple fixtures throughout the room. Including accent lights into built-in shelving is a great way to highlight special objects and accessories.

Light layers should be placed to bounce illumination throughout a room and eliminate shadows from corners. In this living room, a burnished metal chandelier supplies overall light and visual interest. Twin sconces supply soft accent lighting and define the area around the fireplace and mirror. A scrolling floor lamp offers task lighting for the seating area. The most classic of all living room lighting fixtures is the chandelier.

Generally positioned in the center of the room directly over the main seating area, these elaborate lighting fixtures are at once the room’s main source of illumination and works of art. Their sculptural shapes fill the void between the ceiling and the living space, and they’re twinkling, often candle-shape bulbs provide a multipoint illumination that softens shadows and makes the room’s highlights sparkle.


The thing about having a mirror in your living room is the position. You can get a lot out of your mirror if it’s placed properly! Hanging it on the same wall as the only windows in the room is probably not the best idea. Think through all of the possibilities of hanging your mirror and ask yourself what you want to get out of your mirror. If you’re looking for a mirror to brighten up your living room, try hanging it on a wall opposite your windows.

The light from the windows will reflect off of the mirror, making the room seem brighter than it really is. If you have a smaller living room, hanging a larger mirror on a big wall will reflect the room and make your space seem bigger than it is. But besides being functional, mirrors can be pretty, too! There are so many things a mirror can do for you, so do something for yourself and make sure you hang it or lean it in the best possible position for your home!

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants will not only enhance the look of your living room but they are also very good for your health. They can extirpate carbon monoxide from your home and embrace you with fresh oxygen. Usually, indoor plants purify the air inside your house and make the ambiance inside the premises more happening and joyous so that you can enjoy a quality time with your family members. Moreover, indoor plants are not so much expensive and will come under your budget. You can also put indoor plants in the colored vessels.

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