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Key Social Infrastructures and Amenities in the Neighbourhood That Boost the Value of a Home

Key Social Infrastructures and Amenities in the Neighbourhood That Boost the Value of a HomeThe value of a home is not just estimated on the basis of its construction quality, modernity and aesthetic beauty but also on several other factors like internal amenities and external physical factors that is broadly named as social infrastructures.

Here is a look at 5 key social infrastructures and amenities in the neighbouring that increase the value of a home.

 1. Transportation Facilities

Transportation is the most important factor amongst all other social infrastructures that boost the value of a house. Proximity to bus stations, railway stations and airport come under transport and its significance lies in the fact that your accessibility to any other social infrastructure depends up on the connectivity you enjoy around your home, thereby playing a huge role in boosting its value.

 2. Health Facilities

Health facilities mainly include hospitals and smaller clinics along with physical training and coaching centres. Securing one’s health has always topped the priority list of every individual and the recent times have witnessed an increasingly health conscious generation. Health issues are plenty, so are medical facilities and being close to renowned hospitals indeed raise a house’s value.

 3. Education

The presence of educational institutions reflect the characteristics of place’s residents and culture. All major cities developed as their educational institutions flourished and more and more people moved into live near them. Proximity to major educational institutions is sure to increase the value of your house multiple times in the future.

 4. Employment Hubs

Value of properties near to major employment hubs like IT parks are always surging due to the growing housing needs in such areas. Owning self-occupied property or rental homes in localities near to such employment centres will ensure a profitable future.

 5. Retail outlets

Closeness to major retail outlets and shopping malls is yet another social infrastructure that would boost the value of house properties. None wants to spent too much of time travelling for their shopping needs, one-stop shopping destinations like malls are preferred by everyone in this generation and it’s quite obvious why people, regardless of age keenly look forward to properties lying close to major retail centres.

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