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Choosing An Ideal Shape For Your Dining Table

dinning table for flats in calicut

Dining room is the heart of a home for it’s the place where you spent warm moments of being together with your family and friends sharing the joy of food. It’s not only a place for food but also of laughter and fun of talking, which is why the image of your dining room comes to your mind with a lot of memories. Having said that it’s apparent that dining table should be chosen such that it blends well with your personality and the availability of space. The 4 basic shapes available for dining table are rectangular, square, round and oval.


Rectangular is the most traditional and classic shape of dining tables that is widely in use. The advantage of this shape lies in its ability to seat a large number of people and its linear shape makes it easily fit into space. With its straight lines and well defined angles a rectangular table imparts a feeling of stability and formality to your room. This shape does consume area but it also gives you a large space to neatly place your serving dishes, making it the most suitable shape for our Indian fat families.


Yet another shape with 4 equal straight lines, square table gives the feeling of symmetry and balance for your room. Its best suited for small rooms and families with a maximum of 4 people. Square tables can be used with much flexibility in the sense that it gives you the freedom to putting 2 similar tables together making a larger one.


A round table is the one that fits into any room, no matter what their dimensions are. It has no edges nor corners which means that it doesn’t strictly limit the number of people it can seat. Round table also gives the feeling of intimacy for everyone seated can easily see one another and would be a perfect choice for people fond of indulging in endless conversations. Psychologically speaking, round shapes relate to completeness and timelessness giving an ideal setting for informal talks.


Oval combines the qualities of both rectangular and rounded tables, the heftiness of a rectangular shape and the intimacy of a round shape. Oval tables can be easily arranged in a narrow room and it can effortlessly afford even your last minute guest because it has no edges. Thus if you are struck between rectangle and round, oval dining tables can the most appropriate choice for you.

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