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Calicut | A Fine Place For Real Estate Investments In Kerala

Calicut, the multi-cultured coastline city of Kerala is now becoming one of the most favourite real estate destinations in Country.  A good number of leading social infrastructures and robust development plans offered by the city attract many investors and home buyers to Calicut. The city is also popular as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Kerala. Besides being very popular among the tourists, Calicut has significant scope for real estate business, as evident from the 10 to 30 %  appreciation in the price of residential properties over the last 5 years. Since more and more people are thinking of moving to the city, there will certainly be a steady demand for residential living spaces, creating a good opportunity for the real estate investors and builders.

Here are some good reasons to invest in properties in Calicut

Wayanad, Kannur and Malappuram are the major towns in Kerala which are bonded to Calicut. It is a major trading spot for the people of Malabar and those traveling to neighbouring cities. Also, with a good number of highways and other transportation means, Calicut is considered as a profitable destination for real estate business.

Social Infrastructure
Blessed with a good number of education institutions, health care centers and many more leading social infrastructures, Calicut is the perfect residential destination for a hassle free luxury living.

With an amazingly fabulous tradition and culture followed by the city, Calicut is considered as one of the safest residential hubs in South India.

With all these above factors, real estate investments in Calicut will bring considerable profit to the investors. Here is an overview of trends in residential projects in Calicut.

Luxury Flats and Apartments
The urban form of residential development has changed the face of Calicut in all spheres. Luxury flats and apartments are the prime residential living space chosen by most of the modern home buyers and investors. Flat projects from leading builders with world class amenities and facilities will deliver financial benefits in future.

Luxury Villas
With ultra-spacious rooms, superior amenities and extreme privacy, villas are popular among the modern home buyers and investors. Unlike flats, villas in Calicut offer separate spaces for garden, parking and other activities.

Township Projects
Township is a perfect blend of residential projects and commercial projects with leading social infrastructures. The increasing trend of choosing gated community living by the modern home buyers influence many leading builders in Calicut to create township projects in Calicut. The presence of ample amenities and facilities like landscaped balconies, shopping centers, jogging tracks, multi-level parking, educational institutions, health centers etc. offered by township projects attract many people to them.

Calicut Landmark Builders, one of the top builders of Calicut, offers you a range of quality residential project in Calicut in terms of luxury villas, flats and township projects. These are pure samples of luxury and architectural wonder, perfectly bestows you the above cited benefits with its picture-perfect location with an endless list of conveniences & amenities.

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