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When you are looking for a unique home, Calicut Landmark Builders is your Ultimate Destination


Achieving unique distinction can only come from years of dedicated experience and success. Since 2005, we have devoted ourselves to serve the luxury Construction market with a global vision in mind. We are flexible in just about any situation and market conditions and your most important financial investments will be directed safely through our Landmark Projects.

We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled services and at the same time look forward to developing a long-term relationship with all our existing clientele and beyond.

Savvy negotiations and cutting-edge marketing strategies coupled with uncompromising integrity is our hallmark. Our unparalleled professional track record and high ethical standards speaks in itself about our success and satisfaction. We are recognized through our Landmarks in real estate today and have delivered consistent services for all our clients. A seasoned team of experts in our team continuously aspire to offer round the clock communication, unsurpassed market knowledge and a selection of resources that will prove to be an enhanced experience. Our organization offers  personal as well as professional attention to all your requirements, all the while maintaining and respecting your privacy and treating your transaction with the utmost integrity.

Through the sands of time we have constructed excellent places to reside and would love to share with you the passionate enthusiasm for the many neighborhoods that encompass it.


To transform the lifestyle by providing path breaking solutions to make the world a better place to live.



We hold relationships close to our hearts.

We hold values and strive to build trust of our customers.

We build positive relationships through outstanding services.

We also keep an understanding and respect for others.

We encourage mutual motivational relationships to achieve higher quality work at higher efficiency.



We believe in being flexible and adaptable in order to get job done’ without undue hindrance.

We are proactive in our approach.

We are open to opportunities and are always on the lookout for improvement through continuous learning.

We have the quality of being able to adjust to diverse situations.

We understand changes in work tasks, situations and environment.



We are responsive in our behaviour towards our customers and associates.

We act with a sense of urgency and take quality decisions on time.

We pay timely and appropriate attention to details at all levels of the organization.

We anticipate potential obstacles and are ready with immediate solutions.

We consider responsiveness to be fundamental for effective professional performance and building endurable relationships.



We are dedicated to be excellent in everything we do.

We cultivate excellence through our standard practices, technology, training and delivery systems.

We hold ourselves accountable and strive for excellence in all endeavours.

We work with entrepreneurial spirit, stay determined, embrace change and challenge the status quo.

We are driven by our quest to be the first, the best and the fastest in gaining extraordinary knowledge.

We are committed to be a better person today than yesterday.