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A Simple Colour Guide for Your Home

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Painting your home with perfect colours is as important as buying a new house, because you can’t just change it overnight like your furniture or throw it into trash as you do with your clothes. The colour you choose for your space reflects your interests and it slowly becomes the personality of your house. Thus it’s very important that you get expert advice before choosing the paint colour.

Here are 4 basic ideas that will help you choose the perfect colour for your paradise.

Colours can alter the room size

Colours can fool your eyes. It can make a smaller room look bigger or a bigger one look smaller. Lighter colours will make your room look larger because they reflect light more and gives the feel of a brighter, airy appearance enhancing the effect of natural light.  Using monochromatic colours throughout the room is also important to give your room a larger feel. On the other hand if you want your huge space to look a bit compact, choose darker colours. They absorb the light and give the feeling of a small space. Not just darker colours but using opposite colours in a room will also help you shrink your space.

Colours will help you get your room in shape

If you have your room in a rectangular shape, paint both the shorter walls with lighter colour and the longer ones with a darker shade. The principle mentioned above regarding room size works here too. Lighter colours on the shorter walls make it look broader and the darker ones gives the feel of smaller walls.

Colours can affect your room temperature

None would choose to wear black on a sunny day, because black absorbs heat. Same is the case with paints too. Darker colours absorb more heat than the lighter shades. Thus one of the keys to a cool interior is painting your walls with lighter shades.

Colours can influence your emotions too

Your emotions are affected by the colour surrounding you. Colours can be broadly split into two, cool and warm colours. Warm colours like red, orange and yellow are associated with warmth, happiness and energy. They are best suited at places where people sit together and enjoy, say your living room and dining room. Blue, green and violet are the cool colours and give the feel of nature. They soothe and helps you relax, they can boost your intellect too. Thus they are best suited for your bedrooms, bathrooms and for the space where you work.

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