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9 Steps To a Vastu Friendly Bedroom

9 Steps to a Vastu Friendly BedroomVastu Shastra, the age-old science of architecture, dictates the ideal position and layout of elements that constitute a house in order to garner positivity and energy. And because the bedroom marks a space for privacy and relaxation unlike any other areas inside a home, Vastu for bedroom is regarded as significant to the well-being of family members. Below are some Vastu tips that can be followed to ensure the flow of positive energy inside the bedroom.

1. Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom should be ideally at a south-west direction to bring health and prosperity to the master of the house. A bedroom in the west side is appropriate for children and one in the east is suitable for unmarried children or guests.

2. Bed position

The bed should be placed in such a way that one should sleep with his head towards south or west and legs towards north or east. This position provides sound sleep, longevity and less tensions. Also, the bed should not be kept in the centre of the room.

3. Bed material

Vastu advises the use of wooden beds and to avoid metal or wrought iron to remove negative vibrations.

4. Furniture placement

Heavy furniture like cupboards, wardrobes or almirah should be kept in the south-west corner of the bedroom. Preferably, a mirror should not be placed in front of the bed and it is considered inauspicious to have a reflection of one’s sleeping body in the mirror.

5. Avoid gadgets

Electronic devices like TV, laptop, PC, etc. should be avoided in the bedroom as their electro-magnetic waves can interfere with the sleep.

6. Layout

Vastu for bedroom suggests windows towards the south-east or north-west direction while ensuring that there should not be an open window behind you while sleeping. Also, it is recommended not to sleep under an overhead beam as it is said to affect health.

7. Attached bathroom

An attached bathroom towards the south is ideal and its door should be always closed when not in use.

8. De-clutter

Do not keep old and unused things, broken artefacts and electronic equipment inside the bedroom. These accumulate dust causing discomfort to health and also hinder the energy flow while causing disharmony.

9. Decorative elements

Vastu does not approve of placing life forms such as plants and aquariums, and water fountains in the bedroom.

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