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7 Simple Tips To Get Your Home Summer Ready

With the temperatures rising continuously each passing day, it is ideal for you to get your home summer ready with few essential tweaks in the decor. From opting for subtle hues, packing away the rugs and rearranging furniture, the house can get a wonderful makeover with the below mentioned tips.

  1. Use Light Shades

Try and use lighter shades for your curtains and furnishings since it provides a soothing feel during the summers. This is also infact a great way to add lightness and freshness to your rooms.

  1. Softer Fabrics

Usage of softer materials for bed-sheets, pillow covers and curtains is apt during the hot season. Change your upholstery and cushion covers to lighter fabrics and cooler prints to give your room a nice summery, breezy vibe.

  1. Keep your Windows and Doors Closed

30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows during the day, so it’s ideal to keep your doors and windows closed during the hottest part of the day. You can open the windows on the cooler night hours.

  1. Make sure your Ceiling fans rotate Counter-Clockwise

Setting your fan counter-clockwise in summers at a higher speed, will allow you and your guests to experience a nice wind-chill breeze effect. Further, leave on the exhaust fan in your kitchen for a long time. This is will throw out the hot air.

  1. Home Plants

Having natural home plants inside not only helps in filtering the air but also aids in bringing down the temperature. Go natural with lots of potted plants and blooming flower bunches adorning your living and drawing rooms.

  1. Rearrange your Furniture

Reshuffle your furniture to ensure that no one is seated in direct sunlight or near the windows. Low seated chairs, floor cushions and daybeds make for great alternative seating options during the summers.

  1. Use Summer-Friendly Lights

Choosing LED that uses about 75% less energy than regular light bulbs is ideal for the summers. They not only consume little energy but also keeps the environment cool and comfy.

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