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7 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

7 Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Christmas is just around the corner and one of the best possible methods to indulge in the festivities is to deck up your home and welcome the joyous spirit. Sparkling lights to colourful Christmas trees to glittering stars, there are a myriad of options to turn your home festive.

Here are 7 Christmas decoration ideas to set the festive mood in your home.

1. Christmas tree

Christmas tree is the quintessential decoration of the season. Trees of pine or fir are used conventionally but synthetic and artificial Christmas trees are preferred nowadays. Adorned with colourful ornaments and sparkling lights, the Christmas tree can be placed in the foyer or living room or even in the balcony.

2. Stars

Christmas decorations are incomplete without stars. Available in a myriad of colours and crafted in sparkling papers, these can instantly bring in the festive mood. From hanging a big star in your balcony to hanging small ones as a cluster near the doors, these are a versatile decorative item.

3. Serial lights

Twinkling chains of serial lights add a vibrant charm to the Christmas decoration. From balcony railings to Christmas tree to doors, windows and hallways, these lights can be practically used as a decoration anywhere in the house.

4. Candles

Be it flickering tea lights or colourful candle blocks or glistening glass ones, candles are classic decorative elements which provide a comforting appeal with their soft lights. Arrange glass candles on side tables or place some scented candles along with a potpourri on the centre table, to add that festive aura in your home.

5. Christmas Wreath

Hanging Christmas wreaths on the main door is a customary practice to welcome home the joyous Christmas spirit. Traditionally made from evergreen leaves and decorated with ribbons and ornaments, wreaths are also available in synthetic materials.

6. Ribbons

Colourful paper ribbons bring in vibrancy in decorations, while glossy red satin ribbons can be tied as pretty bows around candles, mirrors and chairs to add that extra festive sparkle.

7. Hanging ornaments

Colourful Christmas ornaments and small bells can adorn the windows and these swinging and jingling ornaments are sure to jazz up the windows in an instant. Exquisite snowflakes crafted in delicate paper can be hung in transparent threads on ceilings.

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