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6 Tips To Decorate Your Home This Diwali

6 Tips To Decorate Your Home This DiwaliDiwali, the festival of lights marks that time of the year when our homes get colourfully decked up for the celebrations. We light up both the interiors and exteriors of our houses to bring in the spirit of the festival. From diyas to serial lights, we use various elements to make our homes radiant on this special occasion.

Here are some simple decoration tips to jazz up your home this Diwali –

  1. Rangoli & Torans

Decorating the main door with Rangoli and Torans welcome positive energy during Diwali. You can use traditional powder Rangoli or can make the Rangoli creative by further adding diyas and flowers in it. Hanging a Toran over the threshold of the main doorway indicates welcoming goddess Laksmi into the house. Traditional Torans are made with marigold flowers and mango leaves while festive Torans are made with fabrics, pearls and beads.

  1. Diyas

Diwali celebrations at home without diyas are incomplete. Get some new diyas from the market and paint them with your choice of colours. Keep them all around the house and light it up. You will feel a positive radiance around your home.

  1. Flowers

Try decorating your house with tulips or any other flower which is desirable to you. You can make garlands with the flowers, or you can put them in vases at every end of your house. You can also put some flowers in empty bowls which are kept in the garden or balcony with some water in it.

  1. Candles

Get rid of the simple candles this Diwali and decorate your house with more innovative and creative candles. You can also use colourful candles floating in water for decorations. Just fill a large wide-mouthed vessel or transparent bowls with water, add some vibrant flowers to amplify the aura, float tea candles of different colours on it and place it in the centre of the living room or on the coffee table.

  1. Lamps

Being the festival of lights, lamps will set the perfect ambiance for your Diwali decoration. Choose Indian-inspired crafts or modified lights this Diwali. Hang them inside and outside your house. The brighter your house is, the more beautiful it looks.

  1. Cushions

A simple and an effective way of decorating the house for Diwali is to add in a few colourful cushions. Vibrant colours not only imparts a festive spirit but also sets a cheerful mood for the occasion.


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