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6 Steps To a Vastu Friendly Living Room

6 Steps to a Vastu Friendly Living Room - Calicut Landmark BuildersThe living room forms an important part of the house as it is the place for a gathering. Whether with guests or for entertainment, the living area is where the family members come together to spend time in each other’s company. So for making these moments lively and happy, the ambience should be uplifting and full of positive energy. Vastu Shastra, the ancient science of Indian architecture lays out some principles and regulations to help bring positivity in the living room and also making it ideal for socializing.

Here are some Vastu tips to ensure the flow of positive energy in the living space.

 1. Wall colour

The colour of the walls is vital in setting up the ambience of any space. Vastu recommends the use of white, light yellow, green and blue colours in a living room to bring in tranquillity and peace. Dark colours such as black and red should be avoided.

 2. Furniture

Heavy articles of furniture such as sofa set should be placed in the west or south direction as it is considered that weight is the element of southwest corner. When choosing furniture, it is advised to go for square or rectangular pieces instead of circular or odd shaped ones. If hanging a chandelier, it should always be in the south or west and never in the centre of the room.

 3. Television

Vastu Shastra dictates that south-east is the direction of the fire element and so electrical appliances like TV should be positioned there. And if it is placed in the north-west corner, it is likely that the family will waste time watching the TV.

 4. Décor

North-east wall is the best position suited for hanging paintings or portraits of gods while also avoiding pictures of hunger, war, weeping, pain, etc. as these are considered to harness negative energy. An aquarium can be kept in the east, north or north-east portion and not in the south as it draws the positive energy out of the home.

 5. Pooja space

The pooja space should be positioned in the north-east part of the room as it is believed that god presides in this direction of the house.

 6. Lighting

The living room should be lit with bright lights to garner positive energy. Also, the lighting with a soothing glow will bring in a cosy vibe.

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