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6 Steps To a Vastu Friendly Kitchen

6 Steps To a Vastu Friendly KitchenKitchen forms an integral part of any home as it is the place where food is prepared. Vastu for kitchen not only recommends the rules for the placement and direction of the equipment in the kitchen but also the position & direction of the individual in the kitchen based on the tasks they are doing.

Below listed are some important factors to consider while making your kitchen Vastu friendly.

Gas stove placement

A gas stove should be placed in the south-east corner of the kitchen as it is believed that Lord Agni prevails in this direction. Another explanation for the same is that the cook should always face towards the east while cooking.

Sink, taps and drinking water

The sink and taps indicate flowing water and they should be placed in the north-east direction opposite to the gas stove as fire and water are opposing elements. Drinking water vessels like earthen pots, pitchers or even water filters should also be placed in the north-east side.

Electrical appliances

Ovens, microwaves, heaters, etc. should be kept in the south or south-east direction and never in the north-east direction as they are also considered as fire elements.


The fridge can be kept in the south-east, south, west or north direction and not in the north-east side. Also, it should be always kept a feet away from the corner to bring good fortune.


Storage is an inevitable part of the kitchen as food items, grains, spices, pulses and utensils need to be arranged for daily use. It is recommended to place storage racks or cupboards on the southern or western walls of the kitchen avoiding the north and east side walls.

Windows and exhaust fans

Vastu Shastra recommends one or two windows in the kitchen which face the east. An air hole or an exhaust fan can also be placed in the east, while a ventilator should be in the southern direction.

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