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5 Tips To Make An Impressive Wall Gallery

5 Tips to Make an Impressive Wall Gallery in flats and apartments in calicut

Memories are always close to heart, inspirational quotes constantly ignite the fire in and a piece of art enlivens your minds. All these come together in a wall gallery either alone or in unison. Making a wall gallery on your own, drilling your perfectly levelled walls can be a risky task, it should be done with good planning and utmost care. Here are 5 tips for you to create an elegant wall gallery.

 1. Plan your wall gallery

Planning is the foremost step in every endeavour, however big or small it is. Wall galleries should be carefully planned because, once hung replacing them will leave marks on your walls. Also, a bare wall in itself has some beauty, anything placed on it should enhance its splendour, so you need to decide what needs to be hung where. Pictures freezing the best times of togetherness of your family, an amazing art piece or a frame inscribed with motivational quotes can be your choice. They can be hung alone creating a theme or can be assorted in harmony. Collect the frames and create a design, or go for a standalone statement frame.

 2. Location of the gallery

Frames have to be generally nailed to the wall hence, take care of the potential damages drilling can cause. Concealed wiring makes it difficult for you to locate the routes of cabling, if not taken care you’d end up harming the electricity wires as you drill deep.

 3. Weigh your wall hanging

You need not necessarily use nails to hang your frames. If your article is light enough get picture hanging strips, these strips will not harm your walls as nails do. When your article is heavy, nails have to be used. Single nail might not hold your bulky frame for a longer duration, self-tapping threaded anchors and screws will help you better by balancing the weight on their wider surface.

 4. Height of the hangings

Now that you have planned your wall gallery and fixed the location, how high should you hang? Hang them at your eye- level, you will get a perfect sight of the picture at a single glance, you also need not crane your neck up to see them. Determining the eye level is the next point of confusion for there would be people with different heights in the same family. A general rule is to hang them around 60″ to 65″ from the ground. If you plan to hang them above a sofa, take care that you choose a sizeable frame and it should be hung 6 to 12 inches from the top of the sofa.

 5. Do a dummy work

As mentioned earlier drilling your walls is a risky task when done without much of an expertise, arranging the wall gallery also requires some designing skills. Thus do a dummy work with papers cut out in the size of the real frames and place them on walls, see for yourself how does it look like in whole. Dummies will give you an overall idea as to how would your wall look like after the arrangement.

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