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5 Reasons, Why Choose 3BHK Instead Of The 2BHK Apartments

The choice to buy your dream home is not an easy job. Especially if you are new to the industry as a first-time home buyer. It takes a lot of effort, proper research and analysis to make the right decision. You might have arranged the finance, chosen the builder builder and the property, but may be stuck or confused in choosing between 2BHK or 3BHK .

Most of the home buyers and investors are not interested to select the luxury of a spare bedroom. But here is why its better to go for 3BHK instead of 2BHK Apartment.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should buy 3BHK Apartments instead of a smaller space. 

  1. More Space

 Everyone loves to live in spacious apartments or homes. Having an extra space is always better when you have guest and when your friends and extended family come over. Apart from serving the function of a guest bedroom, an extra space will turn useful when you wish to make a home office or to do any activity that make you happy and motivated.

  1. Think Of Future

 Most of the home buyers are happy with 2BHK when they make a purchase and at a later point of time stay wondering where all the space went. Never buy apartments based on your present needs, always plan for your future for your family is going to grow in time. You will have to cater to the needs of your kids and parents. So it’s better to keep a closer eye on your possible future requirements before taking a final decision.

  1. Documentation and Paper Works

 Buying or investing in a 3BHK apartment at the first time itself  is always the best since your home address is going to be associated with every document you have and that will showcase your lifestyle.  Upgrading to a 3BHK flat after a point of time is not an easy option in terms of budget and the legal procedures. You might get stuck in the government offices to upgrade yourself to a 3BHK. Thus its always better to go for a 3BHK at the very first time, as both requires same legal formalities initially.

  1. Feel Free

 Most of the 2BHK home buyers are nervous at the thought of a surprise visit by their friends and family as they might not be be able to provide a stay for the guest at their homes. Having a spare bedroom will always solve these kind of tensions making sure that everyone has room to live.

  1. Cost

In the current scenario most of the builders in Calicut, Kerala are providing 3BHK apartments at an affordable cost. The leading banks and funding organizations are also interested to provide loan to bigger apartments or projects from branded builders, an added advantage to the home buyers looking for 3BHK with a budget of 2BHK.


Calicut Landmark Builders, one of the leading real estate developers in Calicut who have made 3BHK apartments available at an affordable cost with top class luxury amenities. Landmark World  Acropolis is one of such marvelous residential with 3BHKs starting at Rs. 67 Lakhs. You can find them at

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