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5 Reasons To Invest In Thondayad Bypass

Thondayad Bypass area in Calicut has now evolved as the new hub of the city with many social infrastructures, mall and entertainment zones. Having a close proximity to all major points of the city and with amazing connectivity, the residential market of the Thondayad area is on a fast track.

Here are some of the advantages of investing in Thondayad Bypass in Calicut –

  1. IT and Industrial Hub

Thondayad Bypass is located close to the key work-spaces of the state, Govt. Cyber Park, UL Cyber Park and other numerous industries making it a hot-spot for investment.

  1. Amazing Connectivity

Strategically situated close to all major points of Calicut city and with proximity to National Highway 66, Thondayad Bypass area boasts amazing connectivity both in and out of the city.

  1. Price Appreciation

Many infrastructural developments at present and the promising ones of the future in Thondayad area ensure a great price appreciation and ROI in the coming years for the people who plan to invest in the place.

  1. Ecstatic Scenic Views

Thondayad area boasts of an extensive stretch of beautiful lush surroundings and natural backdrops proffering incredible views throughout the day.

  1. Fresh Air & No Pollution

With ample greenery all around, Thondayad area offers fresh air with no pollution. Constant cool breeze floating around makes the place even more desirable.

Landmark World Acropolis, the world-class luxury apartment project in Calicut from Landmark Builders, the No.1 builder of Calicut, is perfectly located at Thondayad Bypass with a wide National Highway-17 road-frontage, befitting to be an exceptional place to live because of their picture-perfect location and spectacular ambiance.

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