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5 Factors To Consider While Visiting A Mock-Up Apartment

5 Factors To Consider While Visiting A Mock-Up Apartment

Buying a flat or apartment is a strenuous task which require much contemplation over different aspects. Right from quality, to the visual appeal of the project, a buyer reflects on several things before taking the final decision.

Today, with the concept of mock-up apartment or sample flat in practice, it is easier to experience and feel your future home. It not only bestows you the visual grandeur of your new home but also helps you scrutinize many facets.

Here are few important factors to consider while visiting a mock-up apartment –

  1. Appearance

Use the sample flat or mock-up apartment as a guide to know and feel how your home would finally look like.

  1. Quality

When visiting a mock-up apartment, check if the materials and equipments used for construction is of top-quality. This also includes the type of materials used in electrical, plumbing, wiring, sanitary etc.

  1. Layout

To get a clear precise understanding of your apartment, study the floor plan or layout. You can also double-check whether the mock-up is according to the proposed floor plan or not.

  1. Other Properties

It’s always advised to have a look at three or four properties from the same builder to get an overall idea about their other projects and quality. You can also understand that if the project would be delivered on time.

  1. Carpet area

Most builders advertise the apartment size to be an attractive figure. While visiting the mock-up apartment, you should ensure that the advertised dimension is not just the super-built up area but is actually the useable carpet area. This will help avoid discrepancies about size during the handing over.

Calicut Landmark Builders, one of the most sought after and leading builders of flats and apartments for sale in Calicut offer premium residential living spaces in the lap of lush nature with their project Landmark World. One can visit the mock-up apartment of the project to witness in person the lush ambiance, perfect quality, world-class standards and the urban lifestyle provided in all their glory.

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