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5 Benefits of Living Close to your Workplace

5 Benefits of Living Close to your Workplace

Commuting to workplace or offices has become a major hassle with the expansion of city limits and growing traffic. Infact, with the current scenario, it’s almost a dream travelling peacefully to home after a hectic day at work.

The best way to stay stress-free from the tiring and time-consuming commute to and from the office is to choose an ideal living space closer to the workplace. A home close to your office can benefit you in several ways –

 1. Reduce stress & tension – Getting stuck in the peak hour traffic and being always late to office can be stressful as it can make a negative impression before your employer. Fighting to get through the thronging crowd to catch a bus or train on time will only add to your travelling woes. While, living close to your workplace, you can be relaxed and tension-free about the daily commute as it would just take few minutes to reach office.

 2. Saves time & money – One of the biggest advantages in staying close to your office is that it saves time which would otherwise be wasted in commuting. Rather than spending 1 to 2 hours each day for commute, it is always better to make it fruitful at office or at home. Another great advantage is saving money. When staying near your office, it would not require considerable amount of money to be spent each day for commuting in personal vehicle or public transport.

 3. More Focus – When you are not going through this tiresome process of travelling long to reach your office, the focus on your work increases helping in achieving better results professionally.

 4. Flexibility – Living close to your workplace will give you the flexibility to manage home and work effectively. If your home is near, you can afford to stay back at office for a pending job without worrying about getting late to reach home. Similarly if you work close to your home, you can reach home quickly in case of an emergency. An added advantage is that you can always go home for lunch breaks as well.

 5. Good for health – Choosing to live near office will allow you to reach your workplace on foot or on a cycle. This way you will be able to do a bit of exercise amidst a busy schedule. Rather than spending long hours in commuting, it is always better to utilise that time for your health and well-being. One can even manage to spend time exercising in the mornings or evenings comfortably since they don’t have to go through a daily routine of traveling long to reach office.

Landmark World, a premium lifestyle project by Calicut Landmark Builders, one of the most sought after builder of premium flats and apartments in Calicut, is positioned strategically just 2 Kms away from the Government Cyberpark and U L Cyberpark to offer a stress-free commute to workplace.

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