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4 Tips to Make Your Home Elderly Friendly

As one grows older the sophistications that style his home may not be very convenient. You might need to make some changes in your house to make the living of elderly ones easy and safe.

The following are 4 effortless ways of making your home elderly friendly.

 1. Anti- slippery mats

Slippery is one of the major causes of accidents encountered by elders these days. Our choice of floor tiles are mostly dominated by looks and not the texture, this causes serious troubles as you grow older. Skid proof your floors, especially in the bathrooms by the appropriate choice of tiles- that gives some grip. Anti-slippery mats can be very helpful in this regard, you can get such mats for your bathrooms, kitchens and for all other places that elders use frequently.

 2. Proper lighting

Elderly people require 2 or 3 times more the light than young men for vision problems increase as we grow older. Ample lighting is very necessary, but take care to reduce the glare. Lighting is necessary along the stair case, walkways and store rooms.  Tasks lights are also equally important, you may set up lighting with LED strips along the cabinets to help them easily spot things, apart from normal task lights. Furthermore, the placement of switches is also significant, place them for easy access to the elders.

 3. Easy to open doors

Elderly would find broad doorways more comfortable than the narrow ones. If you have already built your home make sure that you avoid door knobs, for elders may find it difficult to grasp and turn the knob. Instead, use lever handles that can be easily held and opened.

 4. Free spaces

Sometimes our homes are cluttered with too many things and lead to accidents. The risk is even higher when you have kids home, their toys are spread all over the house on which elders might inadvertently step on or hit leading to falls. Thus always take care that the objects in the house are well and safely arranged to prevent any kind of mishap.

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